Thursday, September 5, 2013

A big welcome to Wiens Brewing Co.!

I'm excited about this. A local brewery is a natural fit for the club, and a brewery run by avid cyclists is more than we could have hoped for. Wiens will be donating beer to the Gathering in October and a bunch of swag (glasses, hats, shirts, etc) to goat poker in November. Cool eh?

...and, Bring your membership card in and get the following discounts:

- Half off tasters
- $1 off ½ pints
- $2 off pints
- $2 off 32oz growler fills
- $3 off 64oz growler fills
- $1 off empty 32oz growlers
- $2 off empty 64oz growlers
- $2 off hat
- $5 off shirts
- $1 off logo pint glasses

 "BaaaAAAaaaaahhh".. .."UUuuuuurRP!!" :)

Monday, September 2, 2013


"Tuesday Jersey" orders are going in!! They are available White, Red, and Blue. Each MVMG member receives one free of charge in the size that you entered when you signed up. If you don't specify a color, white will be the default. If you would like to order additional jerseys, let us know by 9/13. This date will be the absolute cut-off for any size or color specifics, and for additional orders. Additional shirts for members will be provided at our cost, which is: $10 for sizes up to XL, $12 for 2XL, and $13 for 3XL. If you are NOT a goats member, you are still welcomed to purchase a jersey. Non-member cost is $15 for sizes to XL, $17 for 2XL, and $19 for 3XL. The shirts are the Polyester Sweat-Wicking T's, made by 'Sport-Tek'